The Database is now available in English and French. The French terms have been taken from Prevost et al. (2014). The remaining 17 terms have been translated according to the methods described in Prevost et al. (2014), where the terms were translated first into French and then validated by two separate native French and native Quebecker speakers. The problematic items were revised and changed until both parties reached agreement on the meaning of the particular translations and their full equivalency with the corresponding English terms. 


Prevost, M., Carrier, M.-E., Chowne, G., Zelkowitz, P., Joseph, L., & Gold, I. (2014). The Reading the Mind in the Eyes test: validation of a French version and exploration of cultural variations in a multi-ethnic city. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 19(3), 189–204. 

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AuthorGunnar Schmidtmann