Gunnar Schmidtmann

I studied optometry at the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, graduating with a B.Sc. degree in optometry in 2009. For my final year thesis, which dealt with the risk of increased intraocular pressure when playing wind instruments, I was awarded the Rupp & Hubrach Science Award for the best thesis in optometry in Germany. For my postgraduate studies in Gunter Loffler’s laboratory at the Department of Vision Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University, I investigated aspects of shape and contour perception. I continued with this line of work as a postdoctoral research fellow in Frederick Kingdom’s laboratory at the McGill Vision Research Unit and conducted research that in addition involved the application of signal detection theory. In 2016, I joined the Laboratory for Cortico-Cortical Communication & Processing (now Farivar Laboratory for Integrative Neuroscience) at McGill University to investigate the visual functions of patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and stroke, where I conducted psychophysical, transcranial magnetic stimulation and neuroimaging (fMRI) experiments to understand the mechanisms underlying frequently described visual discomfort after TBI. I have been a lecturer in optometry at the University of Plymouth since 2017. More information about my research interests can be found here [Link].

CV   (August,  2019)



Maria Zawadyl

I'm a second year student of Optometry at the University of Plymouth. I got interested in vision science research because I wanted to explore the topic of perception and learn how humans see. My main interest is shapes perception. My research proposal on shape perception in peripheral vision and visual field asymmetries has been awarded with an Undergraduate Research Scholarship by the College of Optometrists.